Follow the tips and show your love and care to your jewelry.

Caring for Silver Jewelry:

  • When wearing silver jewelry, do not wear other precious metal jewelry at the same time to avoid collision distortion or abrasion.
  • Silver jewelry should not touch water and chemical products. Do not wear silver while swimming, especially swimming in the sea. Do not wear while bathing.
  • After wearing silver jewelry every day, wipe it off with cotton cloth and place it in a jewelry box or bag.
  • aclya  silver jewelry is made of 18K and 14K vacuum plating, with thick plating layer. When worn normally, you can keep your jewelry as fresh as new.

Caring for Plated Solid Silver Jewelry (crafted in 925 sterling silver):

  • Buy some alum at a nearby pharmacy.
  • Put plated silver jewelry into the mixed warm liquid (the ratio of water to alum is 10:1) and make sure that water is boiled.
  • Remove plated silver jewelry into the cold water and clear it with a soft brush (such as: toothbrush) stained with toothpaste , milk detergent or surfactant.
  • Dry the silver jewelry with a hair dryer and wipe it with a suede to keep a fresh appearance.


Caring for K Gold Jewelry:

  • Avoid cosmetics, perfumes, hairspray and other acidic materials directly spray on gold jewelry, which will cause the surface to lose its luster. Therefore, the gold jewelry should be worn at last while dressing up. When you go back home and makeup, you should remove the gold jewelry ASAP, and soak it in a neutral lukewarm soapy water and brush gently with a soft brush.
  • Do not wear or place gold jewelry with other metals so as to avoid being invaded by other metals and created spots on the surface.
  • Avoid swimming with gold jewelry because of the chlorine in seawater and swimming pools.
  • Avoid wearing while heavy manual labor, due to mixed sweat will become corrosive chemical substance, which can oxidize and damage gold jewelry
  • When the discoloration or speckle problem occurs, you can put the gold jewelry into the water of the neutral detergent, or soak for a few minutes in the special maintenance solution, and then brush it with a soft brush to restore the luster
  • Do not use abrasive powder or detergent, because it is possible to scratch the gold jewelry, and it will not be able to touch mercury, which will change the color of the gold
  • Sterling gold produces chemical change with appearance white spots when meeting mercury. Just roast under the alcohol lamp for a moment, it can restore primary color

The Cleaning Methods of Gold & Silver Jewelry:

  • Generally, you can soak the jewelry in alcohol for a few minutes and then remove it. The sweat will volatilize with alcohol. Rinse it off and dry it after washing.
  • Extended wear leads to sweat accumulation. You can use soft brush with neutral cleaning fluid or jewelry cleaning fluid flush at the bottom of the pedestal and thin seams of metal. Otherwise it will be eclipsed because of the decrease of overall transparency.
  • Beyond cleaning, K gold surface may be full of tiny traces of wear because of friction for a long time, which also reduces brightness. It can have polishing effect by normally cleaning surface with K gold cloth. But if theres a polishing precision processing after 2 or 3 years, jewelry can refresh as used to be.

Caring for Pearl:

  • It is not suitable for long-time contact with coarse fabric and hard objects.
  • Avoid daylight and heat. Should be put in the ventilated place.
  • Do not touch cosmetics directly. Do not even put in sealed plastic bag. Especially avoid lampblack and acid alkaline liquid, which will greatly affect the gloss.
  • Avoid wearing during exercising and bathing.